About Ridjunkmail

This site is dedicated to providing our World with valuable Information and Resources to Reduce, Remove and Rethink un-wanted Junk Mail.

Do you receive endless Catalogs, Credit Card offers, and Coupons for things you don’t want or need? Want to significantly Reduce the amount of Junk Mail you receive? Select TABS above, Reduce Junk Mail, Form One and Form Two show you how.

It takes 17 trees to make a Ton of Paper, the Average Household receives 848 pieces of Junk Mail per year, and 44% of that Junk Mail is thrown away un-opened and not recycled. This equates to nearly 100 million trees being used for Junk Mail every year in the U.S. Reducing Junk Mail gets clutter out of your Mailbox, Frees up your Time, reduces Identity Theft and helps Protect the Environment. Let’s Keep the Trees in the Forest, and get the Junk Mail out of your life.


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